NOW is the Time for ALL Brick & Mortar Tobacconists to SUPPORT the PCA/Premium Cigar Association) Here’s Why:

The news that came out a few weeks ago was a big deal – a REALLY big deal. The 4 major cigar companies – General, Altadis, Drew Estate, and Davidoff announced that they were not going to attend this year’s cigar trade show in Las Vegas, which is the biggest in the world. And that means some pretty big cigar brands won’t be showing their faces like Cohiba, H Upmann, La Gloria Cubana, AVO, Macanudo, Punch, Partagas, Romeo, Liga Privada, ACID, CAO, and so many more.

And because the big 4 won’t be there, it’s assumed that neither will many of the cigar internet retail sites who have connection with them including:, pipes &, thompson, cigars, cigar, Famous, cigar, cigar,, serious,, casa de

So, the obvious question is WHY? Well, it seems that owners of the cigar sites claim the PCA does not align with many of their goals. Some claim that the PCA is against online retailers and one site even goes as far as recommending that cigar brands should not attend the show, which is completely absurd in my personal point of view.

You see, the PCA is the only voice of the cigar retailer, who works hand in hand with the CRA (Cigar Rights of America) who is the voice of consumers. Together they work hand in hand to collect the money needed to fight the FDA, smoking bans, and anti-cigar legislation. Litigation and legislation is expensive beyond belief and I feel that every retailer that’s not attending the show is not protecting themselves. In all of this chaos and fighting with the FDA and anti-tobacco groups, we all need to stand together and support the groups that are mounting this fight. We need to be united as one.

Well, the good news is that the next sized down cigar companies (some pretty big names) are all supporting the PCA and attending the show. Alec Bradley was the first to publicly announce they would be attending. Next came Arturo Fuente, Tatuaje, Oliva, Perdomo, Rocky Patel, CLE, Asylum, La Flor Dominicana, Espinosa, EP Carrillo, Gran Habano, La Aurora, My Father, JC Newman, Aganorsa, and so many more.

I have been to several of these huge trade shows and if you love cigars like I do, it is beyond exciting. The atmosphere is electric, and I can’t wait to see which stores purchased what. You see, we at Stogie Stories are an outsider looking in, but we stand with all of the companies we listed above and feel that the brick and mortar tobacco world NEEDS to be 100% supportive of the PCA.

In a very recent press release, the Fuente family said, “Since the 1970 RTDA show in New York City, my family has supported the RTDA/IPCPR/PCA and we remain committed to Brick & Mortar tobacconists as the irreplaceable link between cigar manufacturers and consumers. “We truly believe that members of the PCA are an extension of our family and the annual trade show is the single most important event in keeping our families strong and successful. We look forward to spending quality time with everyone at the PCA show in Las Vegas.”

And you know what? Now that the big cigar companies won’t be attending, doesn’t that mean that show attendees will be able to take hold of the awesome discounts from the manufacturers who will be there? You bet your ash they will. Now is the shot for the B&Ms to really ramp up their cigar inventory and get amazing deals from the show’s manufacturers.

So, to all the brick and mortar retailers, now is the time more than ever before to support the Premium Cigar Association. We all need to continue the fight to protect what is rightfully ours.


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