Are Hand Rolled Cigars Healthy? Few Consumable Products on Earth Are as Pure & Natural – WIN Cool Swag!

I know a lot of people into all-natural products for their way of life. Natural non-processed foods are a staple for many. Meats, fruits, and veggies straight from the source with no added ingredients whatsoever is the key. Then there’s make-up, hair and skin products as well as soaps and cleaners. Well, if this is the case, then cigar smoking should fit right in with their ongoing lives. Hey, I’m pretty damned serious about this one!

I really don’t know of many products on this earth that are as natural (and positively wonderful) as premium hand rolled cigars, and I mean it. There’s only one ingredient, and that is tobacco. Not altered or flavored, not chemically enhanced, not processed in any way, it is just pure aged tobacco.

Now of course, there are multiple tobaccos in a blend, for instance say a Nicaraguan and Honduran filler, Habano binder and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. But know for certain that it’s all 100% pure tobacco leaves that make up your precious smoke. There is nothing added that changes or enhances it whatsoever. I said nothing, nada.

Okay, yeah it starts out as a green leaf that is turned brown, but that’s done 100% via organic process. Leaves are hung in curing barns to dry out, then put into factory bales to heat up and ripen. Then the bales are placed on shelves and aged for several years before being used by rollers to create a final cigar. There are absolutely no dyes or machines that are used to change the colors of the leaves, just purely natural processes involving heat, fermentation, and aging that makes them turn to their beautiful colors.

Another piece you might want to add to the health aspect is how cigars are a product that relaxes smokers to the point where they don’t have to pay $150 an hour to some shrink. The simple acts of cutting, lighting, and puffing slowly for and hour and a half to two hours calms the mind and the body quite remarkably. My friend belongs to a cigar club with a countless number of doctors, dentists, and psychologists as members. They fully understand the power that the cylindrical shaped tobacco stick has to offer.

Many doctors believe that cigars when smoked in moderation are better for their patients than taking an abundance of expensive pills. And recently a surprising report was released by the FDA that smoking up to two cigars per day poses minimal health risks. The data in their research shows that while smoking two cigars a day is not completely safe (and I say neither are the things you drink, eat, and breathe) it is not associated with significant increased risks for death from all causes or smoking related cancers.

So how ‘bout that? Handmade, premium cigars are completely natural, show some wonderful health benefits, as well as not being anyway near as harmful as many had thought. Damn, people, I’m firing up an awesome stick right now if you want to join me!


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