CIGARS – Your Ultimate Celebratory Bonding Tool – and WIN Some Great Swag While Your Here!

I’d say that I smoke a cigar every single day, sometimes 2, and 3 if I’m feeling joyful. But you know what? Now that I think about it, I’m always joyful when I smoke cigars, aren’t you? I really mean it. I don’t fire up when I’m sad, feeling down or depressed because it just doesn’t feel right. I only light up when I’m feeling good and that’s why cigars are a celebratory part of life!

When you have a baby, you hand out cigars. Get married and everybody gets a cigar! Every time a pro team wins a championship, they smoke cigars in the locker room, even though some in the media cry like infants over this adult behavior. But the players don’t care because they are kings of the world and a cigar is their ultimate bonding tool. Patriots owner, Robert Kraft is known for handing out Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars after New England wins (and he’s handed out a lot of them). The man could care less about what the naysayers bitch about because he feels his champions are worth the very best.

A premium cigar really is the world’s ultimate bonding tool. At any herf you’ll see a banker and a lawyer smoking with the garbage man and the meter reader. They’re talking sports, politics, the weather and whatever because it is the cigar that bonds them all. It’s crazy because oftentimes I’ll see the garbage guy is the one with the most expensive sticks. But it doesn’t really matter who smokes what as long as good stogies are lit, and the conversation is flowing. Everyone is enjoying each other’s companionship and it’s the cigar that’s bringing it all together.

I went to a barbeque party last year with a ton of people, but I only knew a couple of guys. So, I fixed that by bringing a bundle and a box of cigars – the bundled for the newbies and nice ones for the experienced smokers. I set up on a big rock in the back corner of the yard and as I expected, one by one, guys started heading back to me as I handed out those flavorful treasures. Within an hour I had over 20 of the boys hanging out with me, smoking hand rolled cigars, talking about life, and no doubt having a better time than they actually were before I showed up. Yeah, wives were annoyed, and a few guys got scolded, but for the most part nobody cared because cigars were on the scene and everyone was having a great time!

I think for the most part these days, us cigar guys try not to piss people off while smoking in public. We keep our distance (like I did at the barbecue) and we do care about people who don’t like the smell of smoke. (Like I said, for the most part, ‘cuz as you know, some guys just don’t give a shit). With all the smoke haters and the FDA trying to ruin one of our favorite past times, we do have to be mindful when we fire up. And even though that still doesn’t stop the complainers, we do need to watch our actions, but continue to stay vigilant for the smoking we love.

So, I say that we should continue to celebrate our everyday lives with a good cigar. No matter what’s going on, we’re alive and we’ve got an awful lot to be thankful for. Man, I think that’s worth lighting up a another good stick, don’t you?

Yeah, I thought so.


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