Happy Holiday Wishes to All of Our Friends – & About a Week left to WIN Some Kick-Ash Swag!

So, are you getting any stogie stuff for the holidays? I asked for a box of Black Market Esteli or a box of Perdomo 20th Anni’s for Christmas so we’ll see if that happens (fingers tightly crossed). You know, a box of Padron 1926 wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either. I could also use a new lighter and cutter so hint, hint, if those certain people are reading. I’m just so easy to buy for.

But then again, you know a bottle of Bourbon or a Scotch I love would work well too. Or, if it’s not too much trouble, season tickets to the MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL team of my choice would be very thoughtful. Actually, a brand-new Corvette would be awfully sweet too, honey. I really don’t care what color ‘cuz it’s totally the thought that counts. All right, so you’ll have to work a few extra jobs for a while, but that’s the kind of person you are. Gosh, what a swell gal.

Hey, all we really want to say is Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Holidays to everyone out there. And while it’s a damned nice time of year, a new year is coming and that should be really exciting for everyone. New plans, new goals, and new stuff to do. And hopefully you keep on enjoying the hell out of your premium cigars and all that the cigar lifestyle has to offer!

Again, Happy Holiday Wishes, people. And if I get the Corvette, we’ll go for a ride, I promise. And PLEASE share this blog with your friends on social media- that would mean a lot to us!


That’s right, we’re giving away 3 awesome prizes to 3 different winners from the wonderful people at Alec Bradley. We’ve got a Megaburner lighter ($79.95 value), a Firkin barrel-shaped Humidor ($74.95 value), and a Badge Ashtray ($79.95 value). It’s running ‘til the end of the month and all you’ve got to do is put you email address in the form and you are officially in the running!

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