Here’s the Absolute BEST & WORST Ways to Light Your Cigar – & WIN Some Really Cool SWAG Here!

I think this post is really important, because if you love your cigars, you want to enjoy the hell out of everyone single one that you light up. And lighting up is something you need to give great consideration to.

The first thing to consider is what you use to light your precious stash. There’s no doubt that most people today use laser jet lighters, which is clean (because of the highly filtered butane) and quick, and wind resistant. But the cleanest way in most people’s opinion is using a wooden match or cedar spills or strips. The cedar has a terrific aroma and is a totally pure way to fire up your stogies. Some people are against using BIC or Zippos, but if that’s all you’ve got, I think it’s fine and it’s doubtful that you’re going to notice the difference. And, if you make cedar strips from a cedar sheet that comes from a cigar box, make sure that it dries out first before lighting.

I definitely feel that the absolute worst way to light a cigar is using a candle. I remember watching a guy do this at a wedding a few years back and his cigar wouldn’t smoke because the paraffin clogged up his stick. It’s just bad mojo so don’t do it. I also think that paper matches are a last resort as the burning paper gets up into your tobacco and can possibly make it funky. And God, whatever you do, please don’t use an electric lighter, you will seriously mess up a good smoke.

I definitely think that properly humidifying your stogies is essential to the lighting up experience. A dried-out cigar is going to burn terribly, and an over humidified one just won’t really burn well at all no matter what method you use to light up.

So, what you DO want to do is warm and toast that fine cigar. It’s most likely sitting in 68 – 70% humidity and 65 – 75 degree temperature, so sticking a several thousand degree flame up it’s culo will actually shock your stick, scorching and charring the outside of the foot, possibly causing it to swell, crack or unravel. You want to hold the flame a few inches away from the foot and circle it around for 10 seconds or so. What that does is warm up and dry the inside a little, so the full flame upon lighting isn’t a shock.

Listen I know that some guys feel this is all BS and do whatever they can to get their cigars lit. But, I really don’t think it matters if you have a $3 yard gar or a $30 Davidoff, because if it’s made from hand rolled long filler tobacco, you really do want to treat your cigar this way which will give you the absolute best smoking experience.

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!…


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