How to Deal with Your Cigar Fix While Being Stuck in This Godawful Quarantine? – Trust Me It’s Saved My Sanity!

While things kind of suck for all of us right now, it is eventually going to be under control and get better for all of us – and you KNOW that’s true. Okay, so no professional and college sports is just godawful. But the one thing we can still enjoy the absolute hell out of even more than ever is cigar smoking, and I truly mean MORE than ever!

I’m fortunate that I’m working from home right now, although my wife is too and she’s driving me insane. We’re taking turns helping the kids with their homework everyday and that’s important – but so is having my cigars. My stogies are an important fixture in my lifestyle and I simply can’t go without them. Luckily the Cigar shop near my house is still open and they deliver to my car, mask, rubber gloves and all. But it’s still too cold to smoke outside, so I found another way, which is genius!

A guy I know in the cigar biz told me the great way he gets his daily fix and I now do it as well and life has improved 1,000%! Each night after dinner I go for an hour and a half drive. And on that drive, I smoke a toro sized cigar and drink a huge mug of coffee to get me started. I then either listen to sports radio, music, call family and friends, as well as do voice texting. I look forward to my nightly outing all day long and wish I could do it about five times a day!

Now I realize that some of you either don’t or won’t smoke in your car, but if you want to keep your sanity, you just might want to give it a go. My wife and I each have our own cars and I smoke in mine, end of story. After dinner she watches crappy reality television and I take my trip to smoke town and all is good. I actually do feel mentally relaxed as it really does relieve any stress I might have from during the day.

Last week it was in the mid-sixties one day and I stayed outside from like 7-11pm firing up a couple of robustos which was truly awesome. But the next day it was in the low 50’s and the car ride saved my ash! So, while we’re waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer, taking my evening escape seriously does the trick. And if you were wondering, the wife despises the smell of my beloved sticks of happiness (as well as the kids being home) so of course I don’t smoke in the house. So my car is my place of safety and solitude!

So how about sharing in the comments below what you’re doing while stuck in the house, especially how you’re appealing your cigar love. Share with the group so maybe some new ideas could help us all through this time. And thank you cigars, for doing your ever loving duty. Amen.


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3 years ago

I’m considered “essential” so I smoke on the way to work and on the way home when it’s too cold to smoke on my front porch.

3 years ago

I’m lucky to live in Las Vegas where it is getting warmer so I can go sit out in the yard or the garage for my twice daily escape. If it is too windy or rainy out I will go for a drive to smoke.

3 years ago

My house my rules never diss a stogie lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Wolf

Oh yeah!

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