LSU WINS College Football Championship & Almost Gets Arrested for Smoking Victory Cigars… & Win Swag Here!

The LSU Tigers are the national champions of college football. I have been watching the game for a long time and they just might be the most dominant team of all time. The start of the game was a little rough with God awful field position in the first quarter, but then the offense, led by Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Burrow kicked it into high gear and just punched out the lights of one hell of a Clemson team, 42 – 25. Burrow threw for 5 touchdown passes while running one in himself.

The unusual thing about the game was that it was played in the Superdome in New Orleans Louisiana, making LSU pretty much the home team. And the crowd celebrated wildly after the game ended, as did the Tigers in their locker room. Now just try and tell me what kind of huge celebration isn’t complete without breaking out some seriously good cigars to smoke. Last year’s Clemson team smoked them in their winning locker room as did the New England Patriots, as owner, Robert Kraft shared Padron Anniversary cigars with his team. Damned good choice, I say.

So, to make things right, here comes LSU strength coach, KJ Malone with boxes of fine hand rolled smokes to hand out to the team, courtesy of his dad, NBA legend, Karl Malone who owns the brand made exclusively by La Aurora. KJ begins to pass them around as the players indulge, especially Joe Burrow who is seen in photos and video on social media puffing away, and all is grand. Well, maybe not as grand as you might think for the moment.

A state public safety officer came into LSU’s locker room and attempted to stop the celebratory cigar awesomeness. You see, it’s illegal to smoke indoors in the state of Louisiana and this safety officer was just doing his job – trying to be a complete and total jack ass. He actually walked into the room, calling for attention saying aloud, “Anyone smoking a cigar is subject to arrest.”

Seriously guys, what kind of buzzkill buffoon would actually attempt to do such a thing at such a prolific time in history. You’re actually going to incarserate more than half the team and their coaches for celebrating like real men on such a magnificent occasion? Give me a damned break and take a hike you overzealous turd. I said MOVE IT!

And, guess what, so he did. The officer realized he didn’t have a chance to make his ridiculousness stick and he just gave the hell up. Can you even imagine what it would have been like if this one guy actually started attempting to handcuff 100 plus dudes on TV? Some people are just brutally stupid, and this guy almost became the world’s most historic boner of 2020.

So, a big congrats to the amazing LSU Tigers from all of us at Stogie Stories. But the big hand goes out to KJ Malone for supplying the champs with those amazingly fine smokes. Once again, to the victors goes the spoils, and deservedly so.


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Erol Ata
Erol Ata
3 years ago

Celebrating with a cigar has been time honored ritual for decades. Too bad the locker rooms can’t be a private club.

3 years ago
Reply to  Erol Ata

Here here, brother!

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