Having More Than 1 Cigar in a Day? Here’s the Theory of What & When to Smoke – & WIN a Pack of Goodies Now!

So, my cigar loving faithful, one of my questions for today is: Do you smoke cigars in the morning? Now, if not, why not? Having a smoke with our breakfast or a cup of coffee is an amazing way to start your day. And if you DO, what do you smoke and why? (I’d love your answers in the comments section at the very bottom of this artricle).

Now I realize that some of you smoke heavy, full bodied, stronger cigars all of the time, so I’d have to guess that you’re in the 10 percentile and this article really isn’t for you. This piece is meant for the 90 percentile, those who really only smoke heavier sticks at night. I basically see it this way: Morning is for light to medium bodied cigars. Afternoon is for medium to fuller bodied, and night time is for fuller or stronger cigars if that’s what you like.

I’d have to say that nine out of ten times I will choose a Connecticut wrapped cigar in the morning, (once in a while a milder maduro). Morning cigar smoking is and should be a different experience than night time smoking. So why do I choose mild to medium Connecticut wrapped earlier on? Earlier in the day your mouth is fresh and your taste buds are clean. You’ve had little to eat and either tea of coffee to drink (and coffee pairs excellently with a morning cigar so you’re already ahead of the game).

Early in the day, even a milder cigar can be full flavored – not strong, mind you – but you can taste all of the blended tobacco goodness even if you are eating or drinking. The beauty is that the cigar won’t cover up your food, and your food won’t cover up the flavor of the cigar. Now, if you have that milder smoke after dinner, especially if you ate something heavier like meat, you’re not going to really be able to taste that cigar. During or after dinner you want at least a medium bodied to a full bodied cigar so the food won’t hide the cigar’s flavor and vice versa. Your palate is full from the day gone by and fuller bodied smokes (especially paired with alcoholic drinks) are a natural.

Now, if you’re having a smoke right before dinner, go either medium to medium/full bodied, say if you’re cooking on the grill or playing arousing game of dominoes. You just do not want to fill your palate with the kind of strength that may hide your dinner food flavor. I’ll go with something like an EP Carillo Core Plus, an Alec Bradley Black Market, or a Montecristo Epic, medium bodied cigars that will give you a lot of good flavor but not too full.

This may all sound kind of simple but it’s wrapped in logic, logic that some of you may not have really considered. One again, what you really want to do if you’re having multiple cigars in a day is: Early on, lighter cigars, Later on, medium to fuller bodied. I really believe that doing it this way you’ll build in flavor during the day while matching what you eat and when. Now enjoy your smokes, and THAT’s an order!


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Dan Cale
Dan Cale
3 years ago

My morning go would be a Perdomo Champagne or 10th Anniversary Champaign. Another good one is Man ‘o War Virtue, quite a creamy flavor.

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