Exactly WHERE Can You Smoke Cigars in Las Vegas? THIS Seriously Might Surprise You … Win Some Swag Here, Too!

Las Vegas, Nevada is the absolute playground for those who love to play. I’m talking shows, sports, dining out, golf, and of course gambling – lot’s and lots of gambling. But Sin City is known for being the capital of another vice that the readers of this fine blog have no problem with whatsoever.

Cigar smoking is a rite of passage of the city in the desert. I think that there’s more places you can legally smoke than any other city in North America. Nevada law actually says where people CAN smoke as opposed to where they cannot. And the list where smoking is permitted is nice and long. While the state created the Indoor Air Act in ’06, visitors should take note that it just really does NOT apply to the casinos on the strip. Areas you CAN smoke:

Any area inside casinos where minors are prohibited (typically near gaming tables and slot machines), tobacco stores, a few convention centers, areas that are outside of restaurants, stand alone bars, and strip clubs and houses of ill repute. Nice.

So, yes, while casinos do have non-smoking areas within, and a few gaming areas where it’s off limits, the places you can smoke is plentiful. But that doesn’t mean some people won’t ask you not to smoke or even get pissed off if you fire up your CLE Chele, Highclere Castle, or Alec Bradley Gatekeeper. But if you’re in an area where smoking is allowed, there is nothing the complaining person can do about it as even the dealers will advise that they move to another spot.

I once had a woman at the Venetian who was at my blackjack table sitting next to her husband – not playing, just watching – TELL ME to put out my freshly lit stogie. Mind you I had been at that table for an hour before they sat down and was on my second cigar. She asked in an annoyed tone, and as I then moved the “smoking permitted” sign directly in front of her, she got nasty as all hell with her language and was causing a serious scene. As her hubby was attempting to calm her down to no avail, I immediately called over the pit boss who actually made her leave the gaming room. Her husband yelled at her the whole way out to the applause of the players at multiple tables. THAT was pretty damned sweet.

Now, while there’s a lot of places you can enjoy that hand rolled stick of yours, there are plenty of great places you are encouraged to light up. From Foursquare .com we have a bunch awesome cigar haunts they recommend: Casa Fuente Cigar Lounge on the Strip, Rhumbar on the Strip, Davidoff of Geneva on the Strip, En Fuego Cigars & Lounge in the Gateway District, La Casa Cigars & Lounge Summerlin, Montecristo Cigar Bar on the Strip, Chicago Brewing Company downtown, Tobacco Leaf Summerlin, Doublehex Wine & Whiskey Lounge Las Vegas Blvd, Baccarat Bar on the Strip, Vato Cigars downtown, Parasol Up/Down on the Strip, Cleo Las Vegas on the Strip, and Laguna Champagne Bar on the Strip.

So, if you want to gamble, dine on exquisite food, see a few shows, Vegas is of course the place to be. But if you wan to add cigar smoking to the list, and I mean lots of cigar smoking, Vegas is your adventure that awaits! Hit me, I’m all in.


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3 years ago

I was asked to move to a different area in a casino out in Henderson, NV. when smoking a cigar! Then I took a picture of my wife playing a slot & was told NO PHOTO’S! We left! Smoking Cigars in Vegas has almost always been a given, but not anymore!

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