WHERE the BEST Place to Keep Your Cigar Filled Humidor in Your Home? The Answers Could Be Pretty Surprising…

A few days ago, I saw in an online cigar group what was actually a great question by one of the members: “Where is the best place to keep your Humidor in your house?” he wanted to know. And while there were a ton of answers from people on where they felt the best place was, I in turn answered with where the worst place was – where you should just NEVER keep your humidor.


Okay, while in the attic and the garage is correct, that’s a bit obvious and it wasn’t what I was going for. Somebody actually even said the bathroom was a great place to keep it because of humidity from the shower, but come on man, that’s a no as well. What you really want to do is find the place in your home where the temperature and the humidity is as even as possible all year round, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.


I realize this isn’t an across the board answer for everyone because it really depends on where you live. How cold or how hot is it all year round? Do you live in south Florida where it’s hot and humid or Arizona where it’s really hot and dry? Or how about in the northeast where it’s hot for a third the year and cold for a third of the year? So exactly where you want to keep your beloved stash might be different for different folks, but I believe where you DON’T want to keep them is the same for everyone.


So, I have two places you should NOT keep your humidor. The first place is near either your heat or air conditioning source. Both heat and cold blowing air drops the humidity and dries out your cigars. It can also raise or lower the temperature in your box. So, keep them away from a heater or heating vent, and away from your air conditioner or air conditioning vent.


The other place that you just don’t want to keep your humidor is near a window, especially when the sun comes blaring in the summer. And that REALLY goes if you have a glass-top humidor. My buddy in Miami got tobacco beetles in his humidor during the summer when he moved there. Well, he kept his box directly in the afternoon sun and it was humid as all hell. High temperature and high humidity can be a breeding ground for those nasty lil’ bugs to hatch and when he moved his box to a safer place, things got back to normal.


I know a guy who lives up north near Canada and keeps his humidor in a closet, which is keeps them great. But if the dude lived in Southern California, he’d have a problem. I keep mine in my home office, in the corner, far enough from the windows and the air duct and it always remains at a good temperature and the proper humidity.


So, if you knew this already, then your cigars are no doubt in wonderful condition. And if you learned something new, I’m glad I could help! Now how about posting in the comments below where you keep the humidor in your house – we’d love to hear from you!


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Erol Ata
Erol Ata
4 months ago

I have one in every room….Next to my readers…

Bobby the Dutch
Bobby the Dutch
4 months ago

I live in the New Jersey, so I keep my humidor on an inside wall, to lessen the temperature issues, and away from windows, to protect from sun.

Lawrence Mixson
Lawrence Mixson
4 months ago

In an interior room with no windows. Opposite side of the room from HVAC vents. Added a room humidification unit to replace humidity sapped by HVAC unit.

Marshall Morgan
Marshall Morgan
3 months ago

I keep mine in my downstairs family room. It stays 65 to 70 degrees all year. I live in the North East., Southern New Jersey.

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